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Avoid the divorce war

Sometimes the only real winners are the attorneys. Mediation can save thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars.

Preserve relationships

Divorce in courtrooms is often a battleground, with painful, public, and costly legal fights. Divorce mediation can help couples divorce without the conflict and anxiety that can destroy family relationships. Child custody agreements can be negotiated between the two parents in a non-adversarial manner-- not in a courtroom war.

Less conflict & anxiety

Emotions run high in a divorce. A neutral, skilled mediator can help both parties reach decisions on their own, rather than through a 3rd party which can lead to more conflict and anxiety.

Actively Participate

Better agreements

Firm counseling on tough issues with active participation by both parties leads to a divorce agreement that both parties are more likely to follow.

Neutral environment

In a neutral environment, rational discussion with a certified Mediator can lead to win-win solutions. It is a confidential, informal process which leads to better communication, less hostility, and less stress for the parties.

Mediation with or without an attorney

Successful divorce mediations occur with or without the need for an attorney; however participants are welcome to use their own attorneys if they prefer. Many clients choose to have the final agreement reviewed by an attorney.

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Mediation participants are typically better able to move forward after a divorce as opposed to going through litigation.